Another thing I’ve been working on are these pixel bows that I coated with a layer of sparkle mod podge…


I also made these earrings that have words on them but mainly the words smallest and youngest, also kind of blurry :p


 I finished making these two pairs of earrings that are decorated with sequence and glitter thingy’s… Sorry they’re kind of blurry


To celebrate my end of the school year, I made some earrings out of perler beads…


I recently made these perler bead earrings too…

I made these a while ago, they are perler bead bows and I hot glued them to my flip flops…

I made these a while ago, they are perler bead bows and I hot glued them to my flip flops…


So I found some of those film strips you sometimes get back when you get your pictures printed and was thinking of a good way to use them so I decided to make a bow… What do you think?


I decorated this crown for my Halloween costume! I will be a princess….


So I will be leaving to Mexico in a couple of days, and decided to make some presents for my relatives over there. So I made these cute frames and hot glued pictures of my family to them… I bet they will love them!


Sorry I haven’t been on in a while, I’v been very busy. But I did make a pair of earrings made out of my favorite soda… Jarritos! The recycled bottle cap idea came from my sister, which by the way, you should check out her shop because hers a way cooler then mine!


I got air dry clay and decided to make a mini bath and body works vanilla bean sorbet hand soap bottle. You may ask, why are you so obsessed with mini stuff? Well I just really like little things because they are really cute, thats really it.


I made seven jars in three hours yesterday! So happy!!!! :)


I bought 6 mini goblets for 8.99, fake snow for around $10, and little slices of fruit from an person on etsy for 4.99. This is what I did with all that stuff… made mini drinks!


I made another jar, but I am quite upset. My mom told me that my jars are cute but useless. I was planning on putting paper clips or something in them… maybe even selling them but now I am not so sure. Would you buy them? Please answer :)…


So I decided to cover a Gerber baby food bottle jar with tissue paper and paint the cap…. I’m not sure what to put in it, maybe paperclips of candy…. But this is my latest craft, I will hopefully be making some more during this week if im not too busy!

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